Pirjo’s Home Services, Inc. provides expert services for residents, snowbirds, and investors in Palm Beach County, Florida.

My services include cleaning and organizing of your home. I can also open your home for service calls and inspections, do basic system checks for the home and car, as well as shop for you before you or your guests arrive and settle down. Is your home a tiny condo or a large mansion, no matter – it needs maintenance.

My business is licensed, insured, and always honest and trusted. When your property needs care, I’ll be there for you!

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You will find my contact information and the email form for inquiries on these pages. Please, don’t hesitate to ask me how I can help you.


Thank you
Pirjo Peteri
Owner & President



We only work with a written agreement made together with the client. This agreement specifies the term of the service, frequency of visits and the charges. Attached to the agreement is a list of things to be checked and tasks to be done.

This contract is intended primarily to “snowbirds”, who are away from their home in Florida for months at a time, typically during the hot and moist hurricane season.

We report after each control visit by e-mail, text message or phone call as needed.

Basic Services

Typical things to be checked and tasks to be performed are:

Checking the overall condition of the building and locking of the doors and windows.

Checking the functionality of the alarm or surveillance system.



Controlling the operation of the A/C system and the level of humidity in the interior. The relative humidity should not exceed 55% in long term to prevent possible mold problems.



Flushing all drains for preventing sewer odors and observing possible water leaks. A water leak may also occur if the outlet of the A/C system’s condense water blocks up.



Checking the condition of appliances and water heater as well as switching them off/on as agreed.




Running the car for 15-20 minutes with A/C on full power during each control visit to dry the car’s interior and keep the battery charged.



Checking the incoming mail and informing of anything which seems to have important content.



Observing possible pests and ordering the pest control if necessary.

Additional Services

We provide following additional services:

Closing the hurricane shutters as needed.





Cleaning the house before you arrive or whenever you need cleaning help.





Stocking the fridge.





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